Westek HomeFinder Flashing Screw-In Light Control

by Ally


Helping people find your home is sometimes a bit obnoxious.  I’ve always had to give a very exact description, because I live in an apartment within a house and I don’t have an apartment number on my door.  Which has always made me worry about what’d happen if emergency officials needed to find my door.  This little screw in light controller would solve that by attracting attention to your house and be great for anyone that is just tired of having to explain things so perfectly.

You just screw this in and it will automatically turn your porch light off when the sun comes up.  Then to help someone find your house just flip the light switch twice and it will cause your light to flash for 20 minutes.  It’ll drive your neighbors crazy, but if you’re using it to alert the neighbors then it’ll work out perfectly.  If you want to turn off the flashing before the 20 minutes is up, then you just flip the switch to off.  It can be used indoors or outdoors and will cost you $10.91 from Amazon.

Source: OhGizmo

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