Starkey Laboratories introduces Sweep Technology



Starkey Laboratories has a reputation of being one of the world’s leading hearing technology companies, where they have recently unveiled the their very own Sweep Technology that is touted to offer an entirely new method of adjusting hearing aids for the wearer’s benefit. Sweep Technology can be found on the new S Series behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing instrument, where it will replace all of the traditional hearing aid buttons and dials with an innovative touch surface. This touch surface (why is everything heading the way of touch these days? Are there no more advocates for button-based access anymore?) will enable the wearer to perform various tasks including the adjustment of volume and change settings with but a simple sweep or touch of a finger. Don’t worry if you are suffering from limited dexterity – it can still be accessed with very little effort.

The implementation of Sweep Technology ensures that there is no mechanical movement required for activation, and you won’t have to suffer from grappling with pushing buttons to gain the right access, or buttons that oxidize and fail with time since there are no openings whatsoever around the volume control wheel that will give rise to the opportunity for moisture and dirt to enter the said hearing aid, creating havoc down the line. The surface offers a single seamless control, where wearers will be able to gain full access to volume, memory and standby controls. To increase the volume, just sweep your finger upwards, while doing the opposite direction if you find it to be too loud for your taste. Memory settings can also be adjusted easily with but a single touch on the surface.

According to Jerry Ruzicka, President of Starkey, “This technology makes hearing aids both smarter and simpler. We have spent three years researching and developing a way to package this advanced touch surface technology into a hearing aid – and it paid off. Patients in our clinical trails have overwhelmingly preferred Sweep Technology to traditional controls.”

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