Air Board is the closest thing to the hover board

by Mark R

Super-expensive-Air-Board-thumb-550x466-27465I believe that hover technology is possible, and an episode of Mythbusters showed prototypes that were, at best, gigantic slow moving air hockey pucks. This is essentially what the Air Board is.

I even saw a clip from an old Wife Swap episode which had the “Balloon Boy” family playing with hover technology, and it seemed to work better than their little charade.

You can get this air board for about $14,000. If you think that is pretty expensive for this product, then you should know you’ll have to pay for gasoline. The Air Board has a 1.3 gallon tank that it will burn through in an hour.

Of course, some assembly is required, and the Air Board stands four feet high when it is up and running. It can go at about 15 miles an hour, but I’m not certain where you would drive it except a skateboard park or something.

This product that you can see there isn’t the Hover Board from Back to the Future II, but it is probably the closest thing to it. I believe that at the time of the movie’s 1989 release, there was some sort of rumor going around that hoverboards were real, and there’s still a little bit of that floating around. I mean, we are getting pretty close to Back to the Future II‘s 2015.

I suppose you could purchase Air Board if you want to get a jump on the future, but you should know that it doesn’t hover on the water.


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