Voice Activated Crib Light with Womb Sounds


crib-lightIt has been a long nine months before your bundle of joy popped out, and now you have to grapple with the issues of parenthood with your spouse. Sometimes, you tend to end up at work as a zombie due to the lack of sleep as your little one keeps on crying throughout the night. The Voice Activated Crib Light with Womb Sounds might be of some help for new and desperate parents.

Strap it to your baby’s crib and it will monitor for noise coming from your child. Enough cranky will turn the unit on – and that’s when the magic happens. Soothing womb sounds (actual recorded womb music) and three colored lights cycle on for ten minutes the moment it hears your baby cry. They’re the perfect combination to ease your baby into slumberland – which means you can get back to sleep, too.

Do you think it is worth forking out $14.99 for this bad boy? Certainly beats paying the pharmacist some money for over-the-counter sleeping pills…

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