Philips DirectLife keeps track of movements daily

by Ally


I am one of the many that has a job that puts me in front of a computer for a large part of my day.  I try my best to find ways to get some extra exercise to compensate and so far have not had any health issues.  However, I often worry that what I do is not nearly enough.  I could buy one of those silly pedometers, but it just tracks how many steps I take.  This tracks quite a bit more than that and allows for you to evaluate your progress over time.

It will take into consideration your age, gender, height and weight.  Then it uses that data and converts how many calories you burn with each activity that you do.  The monitor is waterproof, so it can even be worn while you’re swimming.  The device is extremely accurate in measuring your daily expenditure and can be worn on your belt or as a necklace.  It’s also small enough that it could easily slip into your pocket.  The Philips DirectLife can be purchased for $79 up until Oct 30th and it’ll come with a 4 month membership.  After that 4 months the monthly cost will go to $12.50.

Source: TechChee

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