Altec Lansing Stage-Gig for Rock Band or Guitar Hero

by Mark R

AmpConsidering the popularity of musical video games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DJ Hero, and all of their imitators, gamers everywhere are believing that they can play music. Of course, there is more to music than just hitting buttons at the right time, but that isn’t the issue. My point is that if you are going to play the music for a game, then you might as well play it loud.

This is the reason why Altec Lansing has created the Stage-Gig amplified speaker. It can connect with any gaming console, and has a 6.5 inch woofer for 40 watts of ear-splitting sound power. There is a volume knob there to control the extra blast, and, just in case you are wondering, the knob don’t go to 11. Of course, the user has the option of making it even louder because the Stage-Gig has RCA outputs for extra speakers.

The best thing of all is that it is portable. After all, a lot of gamers are often taking their instruments with them on tour (that is, over to a friend’s house). As a result, video game accessory companies are making backpacks and tote bags specifically designed for Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I suppose that gamers that go on the road will be able to travel light with the Stage-Gig’s easy to carry handle.

The Altec Lansing Stage-Gig is planned to hit store shelves in early November for about $99.95.


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