Dosun J-1 Safety Pedal is powered by your pedaling

by Ally


I have come across some people that just ride their bike in the dark with nothing more than a single reflector on the back.  Which for drivers can be a little nerve wrecking, since no one wants to hurt a bike rider due to lack of reflective gear.  There are times that you should use a little something extra to make sure that drivers can see you clearly.  Well these pedals will definitely help things along, since they light up brightly.

These pedals have 8 LED lights per pedal that shine red, located in both the front and back of the pedal. The pedals are of course rain proof, so you won’t have to worry about being caught in a sudden downpour.  You won’t have to worry about changing out batteries either.  The little lights are powered by micro generators located within the pedal.  The pedals will keep flashing for 90 seconds from only 30 seconds of pedaling.  You can purchase the Dosun J-1 Safety Pedal for $40 per pair.

Source: LikeCool

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