Philips “Mirror of Emotions Rationalizer” made for Investors

by Mark R

mirror-of-emotions-teaser-rm-engI don’t work from home as an investor, but I can imagine that the life of constant up and down stocks is enough to drive any man crazy. This is why Philips is working on a device known as the “Rationalizer”, a device that serves as a “mirror for your emotions”.

Here is the concept behind this concept device. The user wears an Emobracelet on their wrist which measures the “arousal component of the user’s emotion through a galvanic skin response sensor”. This EmoBracelet is synced wirelessly with the EmoBowl, a bowl with lighted patterns to show a user’s emotional readout. The range is a soft yellow, orange, or deep red.

When the user sees that the bowl is flashing red, that is like an alert. It signals to the user that they should take a break before making a decision that might be primarily based on intense emotions rather than study.

I can see the benefits of this for investors, but I think anyone in any position where big decisions are made could easily wear one as well. I can see bosses of the future have this lighted bowl on their desk. I fear the worker who is in the room when it turns red. Chances are, that worker might be seeing pink, in the form of a slip.


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