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zombie-shooting-galleryHave you watched enough horror movies, especially those involving zombies, to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Well, just in case the undead start walking about one of these days (with you sleeping soundly throughout the events that led to such a catastrophe), you’ll surely be pleased to know then that all the practice and tactical training that you and your buds went through with the Zombie Shooting Gallery would have paid off.

Take aim with the included laser assault rifle and blast the zombies as they pop up from the windows of the dark mansion. Too slow and they dine on the human hostages inside. Remember, practice hard…not much time before the real hell spawn arrive to feast on flesh of the living.

Powered by 9 AA batteries, the $34.99 Zombie Shooting Gallery will come with an electronic and mechanical shooting gallery which lets you practice your undead killing skills by using the included assault rifle which shoots a laser that can be detected by the zombie targets. Should you miss, the zombie will devour a human hostage represented by a red silhouette in an upper window. As time progresses, zombies get faster and faster, so hold your nerve and make sure your high score on the LED display stays!

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Martin Says: October 18, 2009 at 1:46 pm

what a bad joke, shipping cost = 70 USD to my country…

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