The LED Pumpkin Lights With Remote Control

by Ally


When you’ve carved your pumpkin for the year, usually you grab a short candle and head outside.  Which does the job, but on windy years the candles never last very long.  Instead of going with the method than can be blown out, you could go for some LED lights specifically designed for this sort of thing.  Not only will it make sure your pumpkin stays bright, but you won’t have to reach inside of the pumpkin to shut it off at the end of the night.

These mini LED lights will also help appease those that are a little nervous that the candles might somehow cause a fire.  The lights come in sets of 2 and can be increased and decreased as far as how brightly they shine.  You can choose between a steady light and a flickering one.  All of this can be changed directly on the remote control, which also turns them on and off.  The remote will work from inside your home at up to 20 feet away.  To keep the lights running, when you purchase the set of 2, they’ll throw in 3 AAA batteries.  All of this will cost you only $19.95 from Williams Sonoma.

Source: GadgetGrid

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