Elecom TK-TCT005BK is numeric keyboard and touchpad combo

by Mark R

TK_TCT005BK_1-620x620For those of you who want a numeric keypad for your laptop, you have several options. You could buy the Adesso 19-key USB numeric keypad and mouse combination with a plastic cover.

Another option is this TK-TCT005BK from Elecom, which has a touchscreen with numeric keyboard. Just push the “Num” button on the top corner to get this function going on.

The TK-TCT005BK can also recognize certain gestures, like an iPhone. For example, if you want to zoom in and out, you just place your two fingers together and spread them out or in.

Not bad features for something that attaches onto a laptop. I am assuming it attaches via USB, like the Intuos4. I bring up this particular device from Wacom because I reviewed it the other day, and it has a nice zooming feature like this product from Elecom.

All in all, this TK-TCT005BK doesn’t sound so bad. It could use a shorter name, though, like the Num-Touch pad, or something. Okay, that is bad name, isn’t it? However, I couldn’t think of anything better. Let me know with a comment if you can think of something better.

If you want to try out the TK-TCT005BK, feel free to head over to the Geek Stuff 4U site and lay down $72.80 plus shipping.


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