Revo Domino D3 Radio with iPod and iPhone dock

by Ally


More and more it seems that you can find audio devices that have a subtle retro spin.  You could of course also find something that’s blatantly retro, but not everyone wants something like that.  Instead you can get a mixture of the new and sleek while still getting a little bit of a vintage feel.  Thankfully unlike the retro radios, this does more than pick up the local FM radio stations.

The radio comes in both satin black and pearl white.  This radio comes with all of your favorite bells and whistles.  It will charge and play both iPod and iPhones, as well as having multi-standard digital and internet radio.  It also has an OLED display and a joystick-controlled user interface.  As well as having all of that, it also of course has your standard FM radio capabilities.  Right now this isn’t out just yet, you can expect to see these shipping out as of November 4th though.  At that point you can pick up the Domino D3 for £169.95 or about $270.

Source: Ubergizmo

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