Deos Earphone Covers add a little affordable sparkle

by Ally


Despite that some women love all that sparkles and glitters, sometimes the budget just flat out doesn’t allow it.  Instead of buying a brand new pair of earphones just because they’re pink and sparkle, you could make your current earphones a lot more pretty.  With these covers, you could cover up your Apple earbuds and no longer have to look at that bright white color.

Of course this won’t get rid of the bright white cords, which might not be enough for some people that want to make a more bold statement.  Instead it only clips to the very top of the earbuds.  These clips will at the very least work with the Apple earbuds, since that is what they’re shown clipped onto.  However, you’d just have to test them out to see if they work on other types of earphones and earbuds.  These come in plain black, purple, dark pink, pink, sparkle pink, royal blue, sparkle purple and turquoise.  The prices range from $9.99 on up to $29.99 through Target.

Source: ChipChick

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Samantha Says: November 6, 2009 at 12:43 pm

I just bought the purple accent one at target and cannot get how awesome they look on my earphones!!! i’ve been looking for something to spice up the look of my earphones and i definitely found them. GO DEOS

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