Strap a camera to your head with a VholdR Contour 1080p

by Mark R

ContourHD1080p_270x201It has been a while since we covered anything by VholdR, the “big little camera”. The company has recently announced the ContourHD 1080p, and it appears to be made for those that want to strap a camera on their head.

It certainly is light enough at 4.3 ounces, and records video footage on microSD cards. The battery life is sufficient for 2-3 hours per charge.

Believe it or not, it shoots in five modes, to remember them, use the simple acronym FTACF:

• Full HD – 1080p (1920×1080) at 30fps
• Tall HD – 960p (1280×960) at 30fps
• Action HD – 720p (1280×720) at 60fps
• Contour HD – 720p (1280×720) at 30fps
• Fast SD – WVGA (848×480) at 60fps

Just to let you know, the camera is not as waterproof as this rafter in the photo is illustrating. It has an aluminum body that is weather and dust resistant, but you’ll have to buy the waterproof case separately if you want to take it on the water.

So for all those who want to wear a camera on their head to record their awesome life for all to see, then surely the VholdR Contour HD 1080p is for you. It even has a big red button to start recording, and you presumably push it to stop.

You should be able to purchase the camera come mid-October for about $329.99.


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