Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder

by Ally


If you have yet to find that perfect spot for your Wii Sensor Bar, perhaps you just don’t have the right thing holding it secure.  Instead of just sticking it to the top or bottom of your TV like every other person on this earth, you can have Darth Vader hold it steady for you.  Having Darth Vader to hold it steady will definitely improve your game.  How could it not?!

This little statue is said to be sculpture quality and cast in high-density resin.  I’m surprised it took this long for something like this to come out.  Especially as often as there seems to be very random Star Wars themed accessories.  This of course won’t include a Wii Sensor Bar, you’ll have to provide that portion yourself.  Right now this isn’t ready just yet, you’ll have to wait until this coming November.  You can pre-order the Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder now though, for $49.99 at the Star Wars Shop.

Source: OhGizmo

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