The Superior Self Sustaining Indoor Garden

by Ally


With weather cooling down for the year, all of the outdoor plants will soon be dying off.  Instead of just waiting until next spring to have pretty flowers again, you can switch to indoor plants.  The indoor plants will allow for you to keep your home feeling like summertime, even if it is freezing outdoors.  Well this Superior Self Sustaining Indoor Garden will allow for you to keep a variety of indoor plants alive.

Instead of sticking with the usual boring indoor plants, you can have brightly colored flowering ones, herbs and even vegetables if that’s what you need.  If you were to grow vegetables or herbs, in a way you’d be a little more eco-friendly, since you wouldn’t have to buy vegetables that have been shipped in.  Locally grown is always a better option.  This kit has a light bulb that will give the plant as much sunlight as needed.  Then it automatically pumps nutrient-rich water solution on the roots of your plant.  It will make your plants grow up to 50% faster.  You can purchase the kit for $149.95 from Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: EnviroGadget

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