Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter is a world’s first

by Mark R

e1253629589So what is the world’s first that the Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter will be known for? According to my source, it is the first iPhone controlled hardware. I have only one response to that: Really? Seriously, the iPhone, aka the Jesus phone, has only had this one iPhone controlled piece of hardware? Now that is one bad iTrip.

So how does it work? iPhone users will connect the iTrip to the iPhone or iPod touch, and then the iTrip will display tuning controls and a SmartScan button. The trademark technology will help find the most ideal frequency to broadcast music, podcasts, and audio books to any nearby FM radio, such as a car stereo.

It has a tuning wheel that is much like old-school radios, and a large menu for easy fingertip navigation of the controls. Also, “the transport controls allow track changes directly from the iTrip and return tactile button feedback to the iPhone or iPod Touch”.

By the way, the iTrip is fully compatible with the iPod classic, iPod nano 4th generation, and iPod nano 3rd generation. The iTrip will also display track and artist information on RDS compatible radios, and has 3 easy-to-use presets for instant recall.

You should be able to purchase the iTrip at major retail stores or the Griffin site for $49.99. The iTrip controller is a free app available at the iTunes App store.

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