Robotic bed transforms into a wheelchair

by Mark R

robobed-thumb-550x178-24369One of the problems of being paralyzed is the transition from bed to the wheelchair. Sure, this is something that anyone who walks takes for granted, but I’m sure Professor X probably feels pretty helpless every morning.

Okay, I’m starting to slowly drift into the slippery slope of cripple joke territory, and that is just sick. It is a lot better to help out those who cannot walk, like this new device from Panasonic.

As you can see from the picture here, the robotic bed can raise the back, and then a part of the bed comes out to be the wheeled portion. Somehow, these two parts come together to make a wheel chair that is easily accessible for those with limited mobility.

Now here is what I don’t want to see. I had better not see some lazy recluses using this thing because they don’t want to get up in their own house. It’s like those really fat people at the grocery store who ride around on those electric carts when they can just as easily walk. I’ve always wanted to see someone who actually needs one of those electric riding carts show up and beat those fat people up.

But enough of my own dreams. I would hope that everyone’s dream is to have these in their proper places in hospitals.


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Les Tilley Says: September 22, 2009 at 8:41 am

The bed if a wonderful Idea but as far as your comment about the fat people who ride the electric carts I take exeption, I am one of them I ride the cart because I cant walk over 20 feet with out having to stop so that the pain stops I am fat because I can’t walk I don’t bring my wheelchair because they are had to haul around. So when your beating up a fat person in the store I hope the cop that arrest you dosn’t go easy on you

tayllah Says: September 11, 2011 at 9:48 pm

hey i think that its a really cool idea , i am doign a project on this device and i agree with les becuase i know some one who is a little bit big and cant get around much like he used to ! 🙁

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