Blue Travel Set has an added pocket for gadgets

by Ally


This has to be the ultimate travel blanket.  I’m always freezing on public transportation and sometimes it’s nice to take a nap when you’re stuck on a plane or train for hours.  This kit includes a blanket to keep you warm and a pillow.  Which anyone that’s used a pillow on any public transportation knows how pathetic they tend to be.  Hopefully this pillow included in the set is far more comfortable.  Not only does it have the blanket and pillow, but a pocket on the blanket specifically meant for your smaller gadgets.

The pocket will hold a cellphone or your iPod, which makes it much easier to fall asleep while listening to your music.  Especially since the pocket will keep your iPod in place, so that you won’t shift and knock it onto the floor.  The pillow is a blow up pillow, so it’ll make it simpler to pack it away.   The pocket itself features a zipper closure.  The set only comes in blue, so you won’t get to choose between colors.  You can purchase the Blue Travel Set for $28 from Pantina Stores.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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