Excalibur Electronic Travel Cup keeps coffee hot

by Ally


There’s nothing quite as disappointing as taking a nice big drink of coffee only to discover you’ve waited just a little too long.  Then instead of getting hot or even warm coffee, you get a taste of cold coffee.  Which, when the coffee is meant to be hot, is always gross.  Well instead of trying to guzzle down your coffee or tea faster in order to make sure it stays hot the whole way through, you could pick up this travel mug.  It’s insulated like every other travel mug out there, plus it has a built-in heater.

All around it really is the perfect gadget to pick up as weather starts to cool off.  You can plug the cup into your car while you’re headed off to work.  Then once you’re at work, next to your computer, you can change it up and plug it into your USB port.  Of course in order to make the same cup last that long, you’d definitely have to be a slow drinker.  The cup itself has a rubberized handle and a spill-proof lid.  You can purchase the cup for $21.45 from The Tech Geek.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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henderson nevada Says: November 10, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Looks cool but should people really be drinking coffee and driving at the same time? Do we need more distracted drivers? And I have never worked at a place that didn’t have hot coffee available at work. You should show a picture of the power adapter and a little blurb about how warm it can keep the coffee. A lot of these kind of products promise but then don’t deliver. I know I’ve bought way too many of them!

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