The Electronic Headstock Tuner doesn’t need quiet

by Ally


One thing I have come to dislike is attempting to get my room completely quiet in order to tune the guitar.  I prefer at least a little noise and it seems like I’m always forgetting to shut off my radio.  Well this Headstock Tuner does things in a different way.  Which means you can tune your guitar in a noisy environment and it will still be completely accurate.  Besides that, it is a little more straight forward in letting you know when your guitar is even slightly out of tune.

The tuner has a backlit LCD display that will allow for you to read it in even a dimly lit room.  It’s the perfect tuner if you intend to play in a noisy bar and are new to the environment.  Of course musicians that deal with that environment a lot have learned ways to overcome the situation.  However, for rookies it would take a little stress out of playing for an audience.  Instead of this using sound to figure out if your guitar is in tune or not, it uses vibrations.  Which is how it’s possible for it to work in a loud area.  You can purchase it for $42 from Planet Waves.

Source: Ubergizmo

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