Solar Powered Bamboo Dollhouse


solar-dollhouseWhile houses are getting greener, here’s the Solar Powered Bamboo Dollhouse that takes eco-friendly to a smaller level, especially when you have many daughters under your roof. Forget about the traditional dollhouse that is made out of wood or plastic – this one uses sustainable bamboo and even boasts solar-powered LEDs that can be used to illuminate its fully furnished interior for added effect.

An adjustable solar panel housed in the roof collects enough energy to power five LEDs (three in the “media” room wall and one in the wall of two rooms on the first floor), providing ambient yet realistic scale illumination. Composed of nine total rooms, including a spiral staircase, the dollhouse’s entire frame, walls, and furniture is made of bamboo, treated with a light water-based stain, then polished with beeswax for a natural, satin finish. Three acrylic panels slide into grooves to form partitions; they can easily be removed to customize the living space. Furnishings include beds, sofas, bookshelves, tables, and chairs–it even includes pillows, rugs, and childrens’ toys (dolls not included).

No idea why this $499.95 purchase comes with a quartet of AAA rechargeable batteries though – perhaps it is for moments when it is perpetually cloudy and you can’t get the dollhouse up and running to show off to visitors?

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Energy4Green Says: September 27, 2009 at 7:08 am

another great invention by utilizing solar power 😀

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