Samsung offers new S Series external hard drives


samsung-s2Samsung Electronics has released a couple more portable hard drives that hail from its S Series line up. First off is the 3.5″ 2TB S3 Station that ought to offer more than enough storage space for the discerning home user, while the 640GB 2.5″ S2 portable hard drive caters to those who live an active lifestyle and find that the netbook’s standard 160GB hard drive is less than suitable for storage of their work and media files. The S2 portable hard drive as veterans will note, comes in only up to 500GB of storage space in the past, making the 640GB model the current king of the hill – capable of holding roughly 128,000 digital images, 160,000 MP3 music files or 77 hours of high definition movies.

As for the massive 2TB storage space offered by the 3.5″ S3 Station, this model was specially developed for large data file back-up of desktop PCs as well as several notebooks in your home/office, where it will come in a classic piano black glossy case alongside a space-saving footprint that further ensures you have more than adequate desk space to place other items and peripherals. Both models of these portable hard drives will come with similar security features that are available in other S2 Portable and S1 Mini drives, including (and not limited to) Auto Backup, SecretZone and SafetyKey for added peace of mind.

The high density 640GB S2 Portable will connect to a machine of your choice through a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, where the same interface is used to send power to it for added convenience – doing away with the need to tote around yet another external power supply. The implementation of the USB interface eliminates the additional circuit board on the hard drive, making Samsung’s S2 Portable roughly 17% smaller compared to conventional 2.5” external hard drives. This more compact design also translates to lower failure rates and less power consumption thanks to simplified electrical hardware. Those who are interested in the 640GB S2 Portable can pick it up sometime this month, while the S3 Station will only be available early next year. There is no word on pricing details.

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