Medion S4700 Rugged Pocket Camcorder

by Ally


If you need a gadget capable of withstanding any amount of abuse that you tend to dish out, you might want to check out this pocket camcorder from Medion.  It’s extremely portable, which always makes things a lot easier.  Plus it’s capable of getting a little beat up and still running just fine.  It’s not something you’d want to toss into the water, but at least it could handle being dropped every now and then.

The Medion S47000 Pocket Camcorder features a 2-inch LCD display and offers up 720p quality MOV files.  Those files can be stored on the 90MB of built-in internal memory.  That or you can choose to pop in an SDHC card to store even more files from your camcorder.  It has the usual HDMI and USB connections, which make it capable of hooking to either your PC or HDTV.  In order to keep it powered it uses a li-ion battery.  You can purchase the camcorder for £99 or about $162.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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