Traffic Light Alarm Clock

by Mark R

traffic_light_clockMan, I had a difficult time getting up this morning, and just had to sleep in. Something tells me I would have been completely awake if I had the Traffic Alarm Clock.

Yeah, we have reported on many strange alarm clocks at Coolest Gadgets, and has the startle factor of the Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm Clock. However, this is the first alarm clock that I have seen with a 40mm speaker to wake the user up.

The user gets to choose between four sounds, and one of them is traffic noise. I’m not certain what the ones who live near traffic are going to do, because they are probably used to it by now.

Yeah, I don’t know what type of room this would really go well with. This would be furniture that Ty Pennington would use for his “special project” that he does on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

I can just see it: “Once I found out that little Johnny likes cars, I did his whole room with a theme of traffic lights”. I’ve always wondered how those themed rooms end up after the cameras have stopped rolling.

But I digress. If you want this traffic light, feel free to lay down $27 for it on the November 25.


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