Jakks Pacific unveils new products for 2009



Jakks Pacific, the brains behind the Plug-It-In-and-Play TV Games category that made a splash in early 2002, has furthered their trend of innovative products with its new and improved EyeClops Night Vision 2.0 Goggles, the super small handheld EyeClops Mini Projector and a whole new lineup of TV Games products that follows the current trend that the Wii started – by incorporating accelerometer-driven motion technology without breaking the bank. We’ll look at each of these in greater detail right after the jump.

The EyeClops Mini Projector says it all – a pico projector for your little ones and even adults who want a device that allows them to share their favorite videos and photos with folks around, anywhere – as long as the room is dark enough, of course. Perfect for young people who want to impress their date with their own bedroom ceiling movie night. It relies on high powered LED illumination to project movies, TV shows, video games and other media up to a maximum size of 60″ from a compatible multimedia device, ranging from DVD players to cellphones, camcorders and digital cameras. Heck, it is even compatible with Jakk’s own Plug It In & Play TV Games products. The included battery pack offers 5 hours of battery life through the use of D batteries, but you can also connect it to a power outlet through the DC adapter when required. The EyeClops Mini Projector retails for $99.99.

The second iteration of the EyeClops is obviously known as the EyeClops Night Vision 2.0 Goggles, retailing for $59.99 which is $20 less compared to last year while bringing an improved, action-styled, hand-held design alongside the power to see using both eyes. You get up to 50 feet of visibility in complete darkness, letting you stalk your cat outdoors instead for fun.

The new line of TV Games Motion games will merge Jakks Plug It In & Play TV Games technology that boast real accelerometer technology, boasting a reactive motion controller that lets your character’s movements on screen depend on what you do in the real world. It plugs into the A/V jacks of any standard TV, where each controller comes with multiple games without the need for extra consoles or cartridges. The TV Games Motion lineup will include Star Wars: Clone Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants, Spider-Man, Disney Fairies and Power Rangers, retailing for $29.99 a pop.

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