MIMO 720-S Touchscreen Slider USB monitor



MIMO Monitors have released their latest Touchscreen Slider that connects to your machine through USB – the MIMO 720-S monitor. This USB-powered mini-display tips the scales at less than one pound, while boasting foldable characteristics that make it highly portable, boasting full resistive touchscreen functionality that provides netbook users with more visual real estate to play with.

With a display size of seven inches, the MIMO 720-S features 800×480 resolution and a contrast ration of 400:1 — offering sharp graphics and clear images with 90 degree pivoting capabilities. The monitor discretely folds into itself with a tiny footprint of just 7″ x 5 3/8″ x 1″. Supporting Windows XP and Vista as well as Mac OS X (with supplemental third-party driver), the 720-S is powered and connected by a single USB connection, providing a secondary screen ideal for holding email applications, download managers, social network clients such as TweetDeck, formatting palettes, stock tickers, instant messengers such as Google Talk and AIM, webcam feeds and much more. Additionally, with the rise in popularity of netbooks, the 720-S serves as a much-needed secondary screen for added display space and shared viewing.

It is interesting to note that this portable monitor will cost $229.99 including shipping, and we would only recommend this to those who travel plenty with a netbook. Otherwise, get a notebook with a larger screen size, and for folks using desktops, the same price point can net you more than a decent 18.5″ monitor.

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