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performance-mxLogitech attempts to break new ground with their Performance Mouse MX device which skirts with what was deemed to be impossible for most mice even until today – it is able to to be used on clear glass (thicker than 4mm) as well as other high-gloss surfaces without missing a beat, thanks to the new Darkfield Laser Tracking technology. This full-sized mouse comes in a shape that was specially sculpted for right-handers, where it features a flexible microUSB charging system that allows you to juice up the mouse through a computer or when connected to a wall outlet even when it is in use. Apart from that, customizable thumb buttons allow you to place the most frequently used controls within reach for a more productive day at the office. Expect the Logitech Performance Mouse MX to retail for $99.99 when it arrives later this month.

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James @ Left Handed Mouse Says: October 4, 2009 at 1:44 am

From the minute I opened the box the mouse is sleek and very well made, installation was as easy as it gets, and with the unifying receiver it is definitely a step toward making it hassle free when dealing with multiple USB receivers. Battery life is excellent and the optional cables that come with the mouse make it very versatile, you can charge the mouse using the AC adapter or through the USB port on your computer. The mouse fits your hand like a glove and you aren’t stretching for any button. The ability to basically put this mouse on any surface is wonderful, it works on every surface I have tried from glass to my pants leg. All and All a great mouse made by the experts.

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