D-Link ships Wireless 150 Router and USB Adapter



D-Link is a trusted name when it comes to networking products, and we bring you news of a new shipment from the company, where the Wireless 150 Router and USB Adapter can be found at a good computer store near you. This device will be based on Draft 802.11n technology, where the D-Link Wireless 150 home networking is touted to offer a much improved and speedier performance where transmission of wireless signals are concerned, capable of hitting (theoretically) up to 4X the speed of standard 802.11g. In addition, other advantages include better reception and expanded coverage for those who do a fair bit of sharing, be it high-speed Internet, files or printers.

The D-Link Wireless 150 Router (also known by its model number DIR-600) is the perfect solution for those who want to hook up a bunch of computers without breaking the bank. This enables one to set up a secure Wi-Fi network in a jiffy, and where used in conjunction with the D-Link Wireless 150 USB Adapter (DWA-125), you will be able to connect both notebooks and desktops as long as said machines come with a free and available USB port. The D-Link DIR-600 and DWA-125 will be accompanied by an Installation Wizard CD which will help the user through an easy step-by-step installation process that even a novice is able to set up a wireless network within minutes without breaking a sweat.

If you’re interested, the D-Link Wireless 150 Router and USB Adapter can be purchased from brick and mortar stores as well as other online outlets. The DIR-600 router is going for $69.99 while the DWA-125 USB adapter is a wee bit more affordable at $49.99. Needless to say, with each machine that you want to hook up to the Wireless 150 Router, you will need to get another DWA-125 USB adapter.

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gee wong Says: August 12, 2009 at 1:58 pm

what the hell are you posting a wireless router for? pretty simple equipment right there that came out ages ago. i thought these were the coolest gadgets? a plain old dlink router and usb adapter..my god…so revolutionary. get a life

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