HotCans: A hot canned meal on the go.

by Mark R

hotcans-thumb-550x400-22095One of the problems with taking canned food with you on a camping trip is how to heat it. I suppose you could open the can and place it on the fire, or you could just get HotCans.

Yes, someone has actually figured out a way to heat canned food for meals on the go. As you can see by the illustration, it is as easy as 1-2-3. The user puts the can on the lid, pierces the outer jacket with the included key, and opens the can for a 12 minute waiting period.

Yes, a hot meal of vegetable chili, casserole, or franks and beans awaits you with just a simple exothermic reaction based on the technology in self-heating pads.

It reminds me of this episode of Babylon 5 where Marcus and Dr. Franklin were doing nothing but waiting in the cargo hold of a starship. They are getting sick of the food they had, until a stranger comes and offers them “Instant-heats”, which is the same concept as HotCans, but less time involved. I realize that there may be very few readers out there who know anything about Babylon 5, and that is a real shame.

Still, it’s always fun when an idea that I see from science fiction becomes a reality. Perhaps we are looking at an age where HotCans are the way to go for portable meals. If so, then hopefully the cuisine will improve drastically.

I have a great idea for a commercial. This buxom-looking wife is taking her husband out for a picnic in a romantic place, and the husband says to her: “Hey, honey, I like your HotCans”. Yeah, that is using sex to sell this product, but right now, it is planned to sell at $8 per can. It could use all the enticing advertisement that it could get.


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