Trick Camera Lenses for your iPhone

by Ally


Just because you’re taking pictures through your phone camera, doesn’t mean they can’t have an artistic flare to them.  Now you can have that artistic twist added as soon as you take the picture with these various lenses.  All of which have their individual effects that they add to the picture, some are a little cheesy, others are a bit more subtle.  The lenses are affordable, so you might as well pick up a few of them and have fun playing with your photographs.

These come in a total of 5 different forms.  There is the green wide angle lens, which you can guess what that does.  There is then the blue kalediscope lens, the sparkle lens and a heart lens that adds the outline of a heart around the edges.  There is also the starburst version, which is probably my favorite out of the bunch of them.  You can check out how they will look on a picture when you go to the seller’s website. To purchase yourself one of these it’ll cost you $8 from Urban Outfitters.  Unfortunately, they don’t get any cheaper if you buy more than one, but it’s still not a bad price.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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