LG unveils HealthView Series of HDTVs


lg-hdtvLG Electronics does not only make great flat panel HDTVs for the living room, they have now entered into another arena, where the HealthView series of HDTVs were specially developed to cater to patient rooms, especially for Long-Term Care facilities. This new line of HDTVs ought to offer a sense of home-away-from-home with sleek flat-screen displays, crisper, clearer imaging and enhanced patient controls. No idea on what type of shows you will get while you’re bed ridden at the hospital, but I would personally prefer a good book, some snacks at the side and my trusty Nintendo DS Lite instead to keep me entertained while my maladies heal.

This new HealthView series will come in 26″ and 32″ screen sizes, going by their model numbers 26LH210C and 32LH210C, respectively. There is no need to fight over the remote as it features Bed 1/Bed 2 controllability on a simplified remote control. letting more than one LG HDTV function in the same room without having to suffer from conflicting remote control signals. In addition, this allows patients to control their own set without accidentally adjusting the settings of a similar TV elsewhere.

Another interesting aspect would be the enhanced entertainment options and controls made available to residents of Long-Term Care facilities, where the HealthView series will feature Speaker Out control for easy adjustment of external speaker volume. Apart from that, it is also equipped with a USB 2.0 Media Host for easy viewing of photos, videos and other similar file formats. You will be able to show images from various sources (notebooks, MP3 players, etc) on the set itself thanks to LG’s Auto-Sensing Remote Jack Pack (RJP). Clear Voice II technology is a 12-level voice control which allows adjustments to be made to the voice frequency for clearer sound, enabling patients to hear what characters are saying as though they were listening through a pillow speaker.

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