WowWee Cinemin Swivel projects films everywhere

by Mark R

wowwee-cinemin-swivel-pico-projector-0I’m sure most of the readers are familiar with WowWee, makers of some of the coolest toy robots on the market. I’m also sure that many of you are aware of the Pico Projectors designed to project video files form mobile devices.

Welcome to the new age of the Cinemin Swivel, a mini-projector with 480 x 360 resolution, a three-hour battery life, and an adjustable 90-degree hinge.

It is designed to work with the iPhone, iPods, and other mobile devices, as well as laptops. Once it is connected, it projects what the user wants, wherever the user wants. My source does not say how big the projection is.

I’m not certain how good the sound is, as it has a tiny speaker, and I’m not certain who wants a tiny projector. I suppose it might be nice to project my favorite DVD on a screen and pretend that I am watching it in a walk-in theater, but it isn’t really my dream to project my films wherever I want. I mean, if I was on the bus, does anyone else want to see my vids but me?

The Cinemin Swivel is available for pre-order in U.S. and Europe for about $349.99.


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