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Love playing tops? I’m guessing kids these days hardly have enough playing time with traditional games such as these since the scourge of video games have long taken over, with first blood drawn by Zelda’s sword when the NES was in its element. Well, travel a few decades back with the top and infuse it with modern technology, resulting in the Non Stop Top.

The Non Stop Top bucks the laws of physics with ease, you spin it and off it goes, not for a minute, not ten, not twenty, not an hour, but for up to eight hours!! All it takes is a gentle twist and the motory gizmos inside the top (powered by a couple of watch batteries) spring into action, the lights flash bright and before you know it, it’s picking up speed and steadily working its way around your desk. Addictive, silly, mesmeric, and strangely not as impossible as you’d have thought. You could probably win quite a wad of cash by taking bets from the uninformed as to how long your new top will spin.

A couple of CR2032 batteries will power this device, and it will certainly prove to be a source of amusement for some time to come, especially during those boring, slow days at the office desk. Available from around $20 from or for £9.99.

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