Split Stick USB Drive is double ended

by Ally


When dealing with files from both work and home, sometimes it’s an uncomfortable situation to use one drive for both situations.  When your boss asks you to pull up a quick file while they’re standing right behind you, it just seems to feel slightly unprofessional to have a folder titled “Spring Break 09” on there.  Instead you could opt to keep those files separate, but then you have to be concerned about losing two flash drives instead of just one.  Well with this gizmo you have a flash drive that pops out of either end, so you can keep files separate.

The slider in the center allows for you to pop out either end of the drive.  Each side will store 2GB of data, so they individually are small drives.  When you choose your drive you can choose not only the color of the drive, but the symbol that goes on the top and bottom of the drive.  The symbols range from boring dots on up to flowers and hearts.  They aren’t out just yet, but they are up for pre-sale, you can purchase them for $19.99.

Source: Crunchgear

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