SimpliSafe for affordable home security

by Ally


If you’re looking for a little extra safety within the home, but can’t afford a full alarm system, this is a nice happy medium.  It’s not the bottom of the line stuff that just makes noise, but it’s not quite as good as the very expensive systems that have to be professionally installed.  The little bit of extra security with this will cost you a monthly fee, but it’s only $15 and you get the convenience of it being directly connected with emergency services.

It comes with a base station, which is the point that it will notify both you and the authorities of any trouble it detects.  There will be a keypad at the main entrance of your home so that you or those living with you can deactivate it when it’s on.  There is then also a keychain remote, of which extras can be purchased.  With that remote the alarm can be turned on or off.  Then there is both an entry and a motion sensor.  The motion sensor won’t actually detect pets that weigh under 30 pounds.  You can purchase the package for $225 and then the monthly fee is $15.

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CM Says: November 9, 2009 at 1:00 pm

You can also buy a more professional security system, with a full year of
monitoring service, for about the same price. No montly fee for the first year.
Abbra Wireless Home Security system
is probably the best value on the
market. This is pre-programmed for easy installation and there are no contracts.

Chuck Says: February 23, 2010 at 7:56 pm

CM, the Abbra system hooks up to your phone and internet. Since the first thing any burglar does is snip phone and cables, your system would be useless. With Simplisafe, the entire system is wireless, so it cannot be defeated with a wire cutter.

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