The Elecom 10 Port USB Hub

by Ally


I’ve never really had a ton of USB items that needed plugged in, but even with as few as I have, it can be extremely frustrating when you run out of ports.  Then you get an extra hub and of course, that one fills up eventually.  So although you may not really need 10 different USB ports, you’re just giving yourself the option to have a lot plugged in at once.  It’s always better to have too many USB ports rather than too few.

The Elecom Compact 10 Port USB Hub would definitely leave plenty of breathing room to grow.  Which would be especially nice for those that have a family computer.  You could leave more plugged in and not have to worry about anyone fighting over who gets to use the spare port to charge their camera or iPod.  The USB Hub comes in three different colors, you can purchase it in either black, silver or white.  You can find it for ¥ 9,500.00 or about $101 from Geek Stuff 4 U, which might be a little more than some are willing to spend just for a little extra convenience.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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