Turn any Flat surface into a speaker with K-Box

by Mark R

kerchoonzSome of you might remember last January at CES when we covered the Tunebug, an interesting little MP3 Player that could turn any flat surface into a speaker. It would appear that this technology is being imitated (hopefully not stolen) with the K-Box.

The K-Box (not to be confused with K-Pax, a Kevin Spacey movie where he plays a guy who thinks he’s an alien) is about the size of a mobile phone, and is designed to connect with devices like mobile phones or iPods to give your sound one dynamic boost.

If you watch the YouTube video after the jump, you will see that it connects quite effortlessly (and out of the box, if I might add) to the headphones jack and then turns any flat surface like a tabletop into a booming resonator.

Apparently, this technology is possible with patented gel audio technology. I believe that the Tunebug used NXT, but I’m not certain how long the Tunebug could last on a single charge. The K-Box says it can last for about 20 hours, but I would personally like to try that out for myself.

The K-box is created by a social networking site call Kerchoonz, and it is planned to retail for about $65.


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