Seura The One HDTV on a Mirror

by Mark R

myphoto13That last time we reported on Seura, they were working on putting custom LED lighting on mirrors, and they have advanced to LCD TVs.

The television is a 19-inch 1080p with a 16:9 widescren ratio. With this TV is a ATSC/NTSC tuner, an HDMI input, a PC input, plus a waterproof remote control in case you decide to hang this in the bathroom.

I’m sure you are quite aware that this isn’t the first time that we have reported on mirrors with LCDs. The Fendi Casa Mirror comes in varying sizes, and Majestic Mirrored TVs could easily make their mark on hotel rooms.

I believe that it was Dr. Seuss who said that “nobody can resist a mirror”. Nobody, especially Seura, can resist putting an LCD TV on a mirror, apparently. Are we looking at a future that looks back at us with a television?

Yeah, I just had to say that, but are we a society so addicted to TV that we need to be constantly watching it while in the bathroom? If so, why stop there? We’ve already seen the Maitre Mirror, a touchscreen mirror with a built-in radio, clock, MP3 player, and even a barometer.

As it is the Seura mirror can be purchased at the HGTV site for a price of about $3,500. If we are looking for a future of mirrored LCDs, then they had better be less expensive.


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