Professional Flash Mega Kit from Brando

by Ally


Earlier this week, you may have seen the inflatable flash diffuser.  Well that’ll work great for the extremely casual photographer who just wants a little more edge.  However, if you’re looking to step things up quite a bit more, you might want to look into this kit from Brando.  It’s nothing that a professional photographer would be interested in.  However, an amateur who really just wants to work on the quality of their photos would be just fine with a kit like this.

The kit includes a soft diffuser with 6 color masks, Honey Comb, Conical Snoot, Barndoor, Mini Reflector, Globe Diffuser and a Flash Adaptor.  As I said, this isn’t something for professionals, but not everyone can afford top of the line accessories for their camera.  From Brando you’ll get this entire kit for $88.  If you were to get the top of the line stuff, you would have to pay far more than that to acquire all of these different accessories.

Source: CrunchGear

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