Navman Wireless announces M-Nav 750



Navman Wireless has recently rolled out an announcement concerning the M-Nav 750 commercial-grade GPS/dispatch/messaging device which was specially designed for in-vehicle use. It will function as an upgrade to the first-generation M-Nav 650, bringing all-new ruggedized hardware for long life, an exclusive five-year warranty, vehicle class-based routing, and other industry-first that ultimately aims to keep operating costs at a minimum while increasing driver productivity. As with its predecessor, the new and improved M-Nav 750 allows fleet drivers to receive dispatch instructions, view maps to their next stop, and send messages back to the office on a mobile unit which rests atop the vehicle dashboard or windshield. Whenever the driver accepts a job, relevant maps and turn-by-turn directions will show up automatically for added convenience, further reducing drive time, decreasing fuel costs, minimizing paperwork and improving customer service by providing accurate ETAs.

Some of the new and improved features found on the M-Nav 750 include :-

  • A completely new ruggedized housing and 4.3″ anti-glare ruggedized touchscreen engineered to withstand heavy use, eliminating replacement during the contract period. The touchscreen is built for significantly more touches than consumer GPS devices used by other fleet management vendors
  • Routing based on truck attributes such as length and weight, helping to prevent fines for non-compliance with road regulations
  • Driver ID functionality enabling automated reporting of drivers’ hours as well as analysis of speed, mileage and other attributes by driver
  • A five-year warranty – five times longer than consumer navigation systems adapted for fleet use – enabled by Navman-controlled manufacturing
  • A unique smart cradle that eliminates ports, wires and points of failure, instead allowing drivers to simply drop the M-Nav 750 into the cradle to connect
  • SirfStar III GPS chipset
  • RoHS/WEE compliance
  • Operating temperatures from -10C to +60C

It even boasts pre-built connectivity to other components of the Navman platform, where you can hook up to the OnlineAVL2 desktop-based real-time vehicle tracking and reporting software and the Qube vehicle-mounted tracking device. Interested? Monthly fees start from as low as $18 per device.

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