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lamaze-octotunesIt does make us wonder whether kids are being thrust into an extremely competitive environment at such a young age these days, where parents have already introduced them to Mozart while they’re still in the womb. Well, you know that parents are partial to giving their little ones the very best, and a solid educational foundation is more often than not one of the criteria. The Lamaze Octotunes help your young charges stay ahead of the “competition”, by using Dr. Lamaze’s tried and tested methods to bring out the singer/songwriter hidden within. Each of the eight tentacles will play a different note when squeezed, and it comes with a song book for easy learning. Apart from that, it will come in many colors to stimulate your child’s mind, while soft fabrics used turns it into an extremely huggable toy. $29.99 is the asking price for this puppy.

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Klyve Says: July 17, 2009 at 1:27 am

This is popular with everyone in our shop… even the staff can’t resist it!

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