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microfridgeMore and more space on this earth is getting cramped and uncomfortable no thanks to ever increasing prosperity as well as better mortality rates alongside one important fact – nobody makes land anymore, unless you want to run extremely expensive reclamation projects. Having said that, it is extremely common for families to live in apartments, making space a premium in such tight build-up areas where elbows tend to rub against one another. MicroFridge has just rolled out the next generation in small space convenience where this new product line comprises of patent-pending Safe Plug technology, a Dual Outlet Charge Station for safe and convenient charging for a range of popular electronic devices including notebooks, MP3 players, cellphones, digital cameras and more. These environmentally-friendly, safe and convenient devices will merge both functionality and styling to take combination appliances to a new level.

Each MicroFridge appliance is said to combine the features of a spacious refrigerator, freezer and microwave(!) in a single unit, making it the perfect device regardless of the place, be it hotels, college residence halls, assisted living residences, military housing, offices and homes. Measuring over two cubic feet of storage space, the separate freezer comes with a 0.75 cubic foot capacity. Food preparation is made easy thanks to a fully programmable 700-watt microwave oven, while the refrigerator’s Smart Store Door enables upright storage of two-liter bottles or half-gallon containers to do away with leaks and spills which often result during the storage of tall containers on their side. As for its relatively spacious zero-degree freezer, it works much better than single-door refrigerators with an internal ice compartment.

You will be able to choose from classic black, white and stainless steel models, where the MicroFridge 2.9MF-7TP model combination appliance is currently going for $425 a pop. Sounds like the perfect appliance for a college dorm!

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