Blaze Lets You Choose from Three NDS Games

by Mark R

nds_blazeThis next product is designed for those who just can’t wait to play the next NDS game. In fact, it is for those who have the short attention span of a channel surfer, who are ready to flip to the next game with a flick of a switch.

The Blaze Game Selector from Superfo is designed to hold three game cartridges, and it affixes to the back of the top screen. Of course, I am wondering why anyone would have a device like this, when it might be just as easy to carry around the three cartridges with you. I mean, it only takes a minute or two to change games.

The only advantage that I can see to the Blaze is that maybe the game that you had before you flipped will be saved. Then you can just go back to it when you’re bored of the other game. Yes, I never had game-playing habits like this and I hope that I never do. To me, the Blaze seems as needless as a random scene player on a DVD player.

Perhaps the reason the Blaze was invented was to combat the flash games that are not necessary legal. At least this labor saving device is low-cost at just $13.42.


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