Sphere Alarm Clock with the sounds of nature

by Ally


Nature is a beautiful thing, so I suppose it’s understandable that some people might want to rise every morning to those sounds as opposed to the extremely loud beeping noise that you usually hear.  This sphere alarm clock may look like absolutely nothing you’d find in nature, but it does actually play nature sounds.  It does all of that while giving off some color changing lighting too.

When you go to check out the clock on the manufacturer’s website, you can actually hear the specific nature sounds that they play through.  They all sound very electronic, but at least they have a variety of sounds.  You can choose between 6 different sounds, things like the wind, sea and even farm animals.  The first two in my experience are things people play to fall asleep, not wake up. It also cycles between 7 different colors.  To keep the clock running it uses 3 AAA batteries and it will only cost you $16.

Source: CoolBuzz

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