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Everyday life can take a toll on even the most effective person, and for numerous home-based professionals who are currently juggling between the unique challenges associated with their particular work environments along with their personal life, the Signature Series Silent Touch Receiver Watch is here to help. What makes this device so special? Well, think about it for a second – what does a home-based professional do during a conference call when the doorbell or house phone suddenly rings? With the Signature Series Silent Touch Receiver Watch, you will be able to be alerted to the presence of visitors. More details to be available right after the jump.

This special device will use pulse vibrations and a digital icon which illuminates the watch’s display, helping the Silent Touch Watch alert its wearer to visitors, calls and emergencies as long as they remain within a 250-foot proximity. The Signature Series Silent Touch Receiver Watch was originally designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but some smart alecks at the company has decided to program the Silent Touch Watch to interact with phones, doorbells, smoke detectors, fire alarms, smoke alarms, and sound monitors, including those in a baby’s room for added peace of mind. In addition, the watch is also compatible with other Silent Call Signature Series 418 Mhz transmitters.

According to George Elwell, president of Silent Call, “In the past, Silent Call has served a very specific target market, but our Silent Touch Watch is applicable to almost anyone. The Silent Touch Watch is perfect for home-based professionals, or those who don’t want to be strapped to the house but need to know what’s going on inside it. This could be someone who spends hours in the yard doing lawn work or simply relaxing by the pool. There’s no doubt the Silent Touch Watch is a safety product, but it’s also a convenience.”

The Silent Touch Watch even comes in handy to deep sleepers who can’t wake up even in the event of an air raid, but are able to respond to a vibration. This doesn’t mean you need to wear the watch in bed though as it comes with a docking-station charger which will sit on a nightstand, where the bed vibrator can then be plugged into it. Different vibrations can be assigned to the mattress to account for various alerts supported. All you need to do is to check with the watch to check out the details of the alert.

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