4-bay Disk Station DS409slim


synologySynology America Corp. has just rolled out their latest device – the new 2.5″ 4-bay Disk Station DS409slim. For folks who are in the know, this is a highly anticipated addition to the 09 series product line where it will tout lower power consumption (a positive point to tout for virtually every device manufacturer these days), virtually quiet operations and an extremely tiny footprint, leaving more room on your desk to place other devices as well as more notes in your wallet once you’re done with its purchase. Don’t be fooled by its size and price though, as Synology isn’t going to shortchange you as they’re offering the same reliable data sharing and backup solutions that the company has built its reputation upon over the years.

Just take a look at the image on the right and you’ll see how small the DS409slim is when placed right next to a 12oz. coffee cup. Inside the DS409slim, you will find 2.5″ hard drives that will further increase shock tolerance and reduce power consumption when in operation. In fact, the DS409slim will sip a mere 19 watts of power under normal operating conditions – and this is when you have all four hard drives installed! In addition, the smart fan design helps keep things within the DS409slim running quietly under normal operations, making it ideal to place on an office desk or in the living room.

Opening up the DS409slim will reveal more than meets the eye as it comes with enough space to hold a quartet of hot-swappable drives, a 1.2 GHz processor, 128MB DDRII RAM, one Gigabit LAN port, two USB2.0 ports and one eSATA port. Those ought to be more than enough to handle all the needs of a small to medium business, where 2TB of storage space ought to be sufficient without taking up too much space in your home or office. There is no word on pricing, but it is now shipping Stateside.

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