Cuddly Pandas


cuddly-pandasSo your little one’s birthday is coming up but you are at a loss for ideas on what to get him/her? Well, if the kid is still young enough to settle happily for a plush toy, how about these Cuddly Pandas?

These Cuddly Pandas are just too cute for words. We’ve only just managed to photograph them – it was an absolute nightmare distracting our designer so we could steal them back and move them to the studio. And who can blame her? Those big soppy eyes, cute furry panda faces and fur coats that are softer than soft (we’re talking about the toy, not the designer) make them almost impossible to put down. Well, if you’re lucky enough to bring them home you won’t have to. You could quite easily fall asleep on them, face squashed against their plush ears. Patch The Panda and Little Patch are sold separately, and, while it would be a shame to split them up, we’re sure you’ll take good care of them.

Patch the Panda is going for £29.99, while Little Patch the Panda has a smaller price tag of £14.99. At least you don’t have to pick up after their poop.

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