Terminator Skull Copter

by Mark R

bladez_skull_heliI’m sure most of you have seen action-film director McG’s take on Warner Brothers popular franchise with Terminator: Salvation. I’m sure you just love the scene where Christian Bale is attacked by a whole fleet of helicopters that look like terminator heads.

Oh, you don’t remember that scene? Me neither. Well, if you want to act out your own version, feel free to purchase many Bladez Terminator Salvation Flying Skulls.

This flying chopper features “realistic battle sound effects”. Of course, I can’t imagine a realistic battle with giant helicopter skulls, but for some reason, I want to put in “pew pew” sounds. I’m assuming these sounds are accessible with the remote control.

It would appear that the user has “precision control”, which must mean that you can do some serious movements with these flying skullicopters. This toy also features blades that fold on impact, which is something that most real helicopters don’t have.

Well, if you know someone who will be considerably freaked out by a flying metal skull, this might be worth the £29.99. If you are looking for one of those flying ships that the Terminators actually used in the actual Terminator movies, you might have to wait longer, like 2018.


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