The Mommy I’m Here Child Locator

by Ally


Attempting to keep track of an active toddler is never an easy task.  Even for the most careful parent out there, it’s possible to lose track of them quickly, which can be nerve wrecking.  You could also think you lost them, when in reality they’re just right behind you.  With this little bear, you’d know that they’re always within 25 feet of you.  It’s a two part device, the bear stays on the child and you have another half that stays on you.  That makes it so that you know they’re still within a safe distance.

The bad thing is that 25 feet isn’t actually all that much range.  If you’re in a big open park, you’d have to stay close to your child, despite that you’re in an area that they’d be safe to run.  It would be nice if you could adjust the distance your child can be from you.  When they do get outside that range, it gives a chirping type noise through your receiver to let you know.  You can then activate the 86-decibel alarm on the child so that you can blow their eardrums find them quickly.  The set will cost you $34.99 on Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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